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Maximum Security

Personalized security

Protect yourself from identity theft with MYDIGIPASS.COM’s one-touch personalized identification for secure access on your smartphone, tablet or PC. However you access the Internet, MYDIGIPASS.COM puts maximum security and convenience in your hands.

Password independence

Managing too many passwords? MYDIGIPASS.COM provides one launch pad to access all your favorite websites. No need to remember or enter usernames and passwords, or even exact addresses to securely access your favorite sites.

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One-time passwords are only valid for a set period of time and become invalid after each use.

The MYDIGIPASS.COM experience

When you go online, you don’t want anything to stand in your way. MYDIGIPASS.COM simplifies your digital life with three main features:

Forget your passwords

Simply log on to MYDIGIPASS.COM and access all your favorite sites and online applications without dealing with logins or passwords. Use the proven security of MYDIGIPASS.COM instead of static passwords.

Launch pad

MYDIGIPASS.COM is the launch pad to your online life. Use our bookmark feature to organize your favorite websites. We remember your login information so you don’t have to.


Search our marketplace to find and bookmark the online vendors that use MYDIGIPASS.COM security.

Application providers and business owners

How do you protect your valuable online reputation?

Customers want to know your website is a safe place before they invest time and money. How do you prove you’ve taken the right steps to protect your customers’ personal information?

Adding MYDIGIPASS.COM to your site protects your brand by authenticating identities and securing content to assure users your site is secure.

MYDIGIPASS.COM is an easy-to-deploy cloud-based system. It’s a cost-effective way to secure your website with the same proven technology trusted by global financial institutions for 20 years.

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We offer a full-fledged developer environment designed especially for you. Our sandbox environment lets you learn more about the effectiveness of our Secure Login API. No strings attached.

To start testing, just sign up on MYDIGIPASS.COM and go to http://developer.mydigipass.com

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